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Digital - Tutors: Quick Start to Unity: Volume 3
Digital - Tutors: Quick Start to Unity: Volume 3

Digital - Tutors: Quick Start to Unity: Volume 3
Software used: Unity 4.3 | Project Files Included | 497 MB

In volume 3 of Quick Start to Unity, we'll cover the basics of scripting in Unity. We'll begin by learning how to properly create variables and functions.

Here we'll learn about how to create a count down timer and how to display it to the player using GUI Text. Then we'll talk about how to bring our game logic together by learning how to allow scripts to have access to other scripts. In the end we'll have a complete functioning game that you and your friends can play in the Unity web player.

While following along with these lessons and building a project together will provide you with valuable knowledge, the real power comes from being able to take the techniques you've learned and apply them in a different way to your own work. With this in mind, you'll be presented with an assignment immediately following each volume. These assignments will challenge you to take the skills that you've learned in a particular volume and apply them to a different asset.

These tutorials are designed to be taken in sequence so we really encourage you to start with volume 1 and proceed all the way through to this volume, and taking advantage of the periodic assignments along the way to get the full learning experience.


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