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Photogrammetry in Memento and ZBrush
Photogrammetry in Memento and ZBrush

Digital Tutors - Photogrammetry in Memento and ZBrush
Software: Memento, ZBrush 4R7 | Project Files: Included | 1.47 GB

In this course, we'll learn how to create a 3D model from a series of photographs.
The process of photogrammetry can be a great way to create 3D models from reality instead of using costly scanners. Memento offers a great way to submit your photos for mesh creation and some nice tools for analyzing and editing the resulting mesh.

Once we have a raw mesh, we’ll look at how we can use it to create a retopologized mesh with textures in ZBrush. We’ll then use ZBrush’s sculpting and painting tools to clean up the surface of the mesh as well as the color textures.

After finishing this Memento tutorial, you'll know the fundamentals of creating your own 3D models from photos.

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