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Professional Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes: Part 2
Professional Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes: Part 2

Digital Tutors - Professional Tips for Modeling Complex Shapes: Part 2
Software: Maya | Project Files: Included | 1.6 GB

In this Maya tutorial, we'll learn some key fundamental concepts for modeling polygonal forms.
We'll be modeling some basic examples with each designed to challenge you in a specific area of modeling. These concepts can then be applied to any model that you are working on.

We’ll cover troubleshooting your models, breaking down forms into basic shapes and using primitives to create more complex forms as well as identifying primary, secondary, and tertiary forms.

We’ll also discuss correct edge flow, geometry amount, edge tension, some really great tips and tricks and understanding your place in the production pipeline.

By the end of this Maya training, you’ll have a greater understanding of creating correctly formed geometry and how to troubleshoot if issues arise.

This tutorial is done using Maya, but any preferred 3D modeling application can be used as the focus is more on workflows and best practices, than software or tools.

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