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Interval 16 Minute Home Workout
Interval 16 Minute Home Workout
Interval 16-minute home workout
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Duration: 1.5 hours | Genre: eLearning | Language: English


The course is created to lose weight, become well-toned, increase strength and endurance.

What you'll learn

Improve your physical state
Improve your emotional state
Acquire basic bodyweight exercise skills
Become well-toned
Manage your body weight


Great for both beginner and advanced
Three 16-minute workouts per week are ideal for those who do not like to work out for hours at the gym
You can watch and take a course on your phone, tablet or computer
You can train anywhere and anytime
No special equipment needed


The course consists of 5 parts of exercises: warm-up, arm training, leg training, abs training and full body workout.

The course is developed in a way that you can train anytime and anywhere: at home, in a hotel room, on the street, in the gym - anywhere. All you need is yourself, 12-20 minutes of free time and a few square meters of the floor!

Since you use your bodyweight in all exercises of the course, you don't have to worry too much about injuries or overtraining.

This course is the best way to start training, lose weight, fill yourself with energy and get in shape.

Who this course is for:

All who want to lose weight and strengthen muscles
Who want to stay always in a good shape
For those who want to train anywhere, anytime

Interval 16 Minute Home Workout

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