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The Social Psychology of the Political Mind
The Social Psychology of the Political Mind
The Social Psychology of the Political Mind
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UPDATED NOVEMBER 2017: Develop Your Social Skills and Understand the Psychology of the Culture Wars

Are you tired of seeing one political side shouting over another? Do you struggle to understand why people see some things as morally fine, but you think they're abhorrent? If so, you need to delve into The Social Psychology of the Moral and Political Mind.

In this course, you will:

- Learn about how people make moral decisions based on automatic gut reactions, rather than reason and logic

- Understand the foundations of human morality, personality, and motivated decision-making

- Hear about the psychological evidence behind 'liberals' and 'conservatives' having different psychological make-ups

- Apply the evidence to current political debates

This course gives you what you need to know to understand the social psychology of the culture wars - fast. You will be learning all of this from an expert in this field. I am a university-based psychology lecturer, a practising research psychologist, and have published academic papers in the area of social psychology.

The Social Psychology of the Political Mind

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