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Ashley Galvin - BodyStrong II x264 aac [MP4]
Ashley Galvin - BodyStrong II x264 aac [MP4]
Ashley Galvin - BodyStrong II x264 aac [MP4] | 1.36 GB
Genre: E-Learning


BodyStrong II is an extension of BodyStrong I to dramatically strengthen and tone your whole body. While you will continue to deepen your strength, this series also emphasizes developing body awareness and uses arm balances, handstands and several more advanced poses.

When I first started trying inversions I didn't have the strength or body awareness. This series is meant to inspire you and give you the skills to deepen your muscular strength and build heightened awareness in your movements.

Though these classes are not more physically strenuous than the first program, they are more technical. We'll begin with my Arm Balances and Handstands tutorial where I'll take you in depth on how to press to handstand, how to get into Crow properly, and get you prepped for the material to come. Then well use those skills as we test your strength and body awareness in your core, arms, legs and booty!

Our goal isn't to get big or bulky, instead we will develop long, lean muscles with specifically targeted exercises. BodyStrong II will utilize all of the strength you have been building to maximize your body awareness and further advance your practice!

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