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Automated Testing in Xcode
Automated Testing in Xcode
Automated Testing in Xcode
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Implementing automated testing practices in your Xcode projects can help you collaborate with your colleagues more efficiently, speed up your development time, and reduce bugs. In this course, instructor Ron Buencamino dives into the topic of automated testing, with a focus on unit tests and user interface (UI) tests in Xcode. After Ron goes over the basics of unit and UI testsâ€"including why automated testing is importantâ€"he covers unit tests, explaining how to create test targets; write, run, and debug tests; and mock HTTP response data. He then moves on to UI testing, discussing UI recording, code coverage, and how to write UI tests.

Topics include:
What are unit and UI tests?Unit tests in XcodeCreating test targetsRunning testsDebugging testsWriting UI testsCode coverage

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