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The Gnomon Workshop Mastering Desktop 3d Printing For The 3d Artist
The Gnomon Workshop   Mastering Desktop 3d Printing For The 3d Artist
Title: The Gnomon Workshop - Mastering Desktop 3D Printing for the 3D Artist
Duration 4h 24m With Project Files MP4


In this course you will learn the advanced art and essential engineering for the successful 3D Printing of your chosen 3D model on a prosumer-level, desktop 3D Printer of either the FDM or SLA kind. (e.g. MakerBot Replicator 2 or Formlabs Form 2). If you can imagine and model it, this workshop will teach you how to print nearly anything you want. With focuses in standards and best practices for how to create excellent, professional grade 3D Print ready models, how to hollow out or "shell" a model to have consistent wall thicknesses, how to modify a model that was originally made for a Video Game or VFX, what pitfalls to watch out for, and how to properly scale and size your models for either one modestly sized print, or how to create a massive, multiple-part-spanning 3D Printed model that will look as though it was printed as all one part. Daniel guides you with tested advice for how to model/digitally sculpt a 3D model from scratch, bring it into ZBrush and successfully 3D Print your next or first physical model. Topics include how to create 'keys', identify and correct errors, wall thickness, drainage holes, orientation, supports, optimizing the printer and how to construct an efficient UV Cure Box for SLA resin prints.

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