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CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe
CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe REPACK Multilingual | 328 Mb
For too long gamers, streamers and online content creators have had to handle multiple software solutions for streaming, screen capturing and video editing. Not anymore! CyberLink Screen Recorder 3 couples the easy-to-use editing features of PowerDirector - The No.1 Choice for Video Editors - with responsive, high-quality screen casting and capturing technology. It is the only all-in-one solution for recording or streaming gameplay, vlogging, or sharing screen content with an online audience.

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VovSoft Retail Barcode 2.5
VovSoft Retail Barcode 2.5 | 10.1 Mb
Retail Barcode is a lightweight cashier application that can help users keep track of products sales. The tool allows one to define customers, as well as to link product credit sales to individual clients. The utility is valuable for anyone that is in the business of managing small shops.

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Tenorshare 4uKey - Password Manager Multilingual
Tenorshare 4uKey Password Manager Multilingual REPACK | 34.8 Mb
4uKey - Password Manager makes it easy for you to recover Wi-Fi password on iOS device. Connect your iPhone as you normally would via a cable, 4uKey - Password Manager will then recognise your device and do the job.

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SQLite Expert Professional
SQLite Expert Professional | 85 Mb
SQLite Expert is a powerful tool designed to simplify the development of SQLite3 databases. It is a feature rich administration and development tool for SQLite designed to answer the needs of all users from writing simple SQL queries to developing complex databases. The graphical interface supports all SQLite features. It includes a visual query builder, an SQL editor with syntax highlighting and code completion, visual table and view designers and powerful import and export capabilities.

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Roland VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series 2019.2
Roland VirtualSonics Legendary & AIRA Series 2019.2 | 863.2 Mb
Roland Virtual Sonics proudly announces the release of the first-ever Roland TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer to the Roland Cloud service. For the first time in history, Roland has created an authentic software reproduction of the original TR-808 Rhythm Composer, and it is now available as both a VST and AU plugin for use in popular digital audio workstations.

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Popup Card Studio 1.1.0
Popup Card Studio 1.1.0 | 2.6 Mb
Create Unique Popup Cards in Minutes. Not hours! Bring your cards in to the 3rd dimension! Create popup cards and origamic architecture (otherwise known as Kirigami) in no time. With Popup Card Studio you will be able to create and edit in three dimensions allowing you to get a visual representation of your project that is as close to life as possible.

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NCH MixPad Masters Edition 5.36 Beta
NCH MixPad Masters Edition 5.36 Beta | 6.2 Mb
With MixPad multi-track recording and mixing software, you can access all the power of professional recording and mixing equipment through a single platform that streamlines the process and makes mixing a breeze.

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EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise
EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise | 29.6 Mb
An award-winning network inventory software for organizations of any sizes. It offers features for remote audit of every PC in your network without having to install client modules. By using EMCO Network Inventory you can get detailed hardware, software inventory and licensing information from all remote PCs within seconds. Powerful reporting module helps you save a lot of time for preparing network PC inventory and network audit reports.

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EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.6.7
EduIQ Net Monitor for Employees Professional 5.6.7 | 43.4 MB
Powerful Employee Monitoring Software. Increasing productivity in offices is not as much a task you may think. If you are a business leader, a teacher, a chairman of a company or project supervisor, you need strong employee monitoring software to keep an eye over the screen of your students, employees and team members.

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BrowseEmAll 9.5.4
BrowseEmAll 9.5.4 Enterprise / Runtime / Studio / Manual Edition | 238 Mb
On-Premises, Fast & Secure Cross Browser Testing - Live Testing, and Code Analytics On Your Local Machine. Test without worrying about firewalls and data security. With BrowseEmAll everything runs on your machine. This makes testing normal websites, staging environments and localhost possible out of the box. And your data stays secure and never leaves your network.

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