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Google Web Toolkit Applications
Google Web Toolkit Applications

Ryan Dewsbury, "Google Web Toolkit Applications"
2007 | pages: 600 | ISBN: 0321501969 | PDF | 6,5 mb

Get the edge you need to deliver exceptional user experiences with Google™ Web Toolkit Applications, a guidebook that provides web developers with core information and instructions for creating rich web applications. Whether you're a developer who needs to build a high-performance front end for Java, PHP, or Ruby applications, or to integrate with external web services, this resource from expert Google Web Toolkit (GWT) developer Ryan Dewsbury delivers the in-depth coverage you'll need.

In this valuable book, insider Ryan Dewsbury provides instructions for using the robust tool set and gets you on your way to creating first-class web applications by providing a comprehensive overview of GWT technology. In addition, he shares his "in-the-trenches" insights on

- Building elegant and responsive user interfaces with Cascading Style Sheets and GWT's Widgets and Panels

- Creating seamless user experiences through asynchronous communication with HTTP, REST, JSON/JSONP, and RPC Interoperating with web standards-such as XML, RSS, and Atom-and web services-such as Google Maps, Amazon Books, Yahoo! Search, Flickr, and Blogger

- Overcoming browser security restrictions, such as HTTP's two-connection limit and the Same-Origin policy

- Accelerating development, using software engineering, code generation, internationalization, application patterns, and Java tools

- Deploying for optimal performance with resource compression and caching

- Building five non-trivial applications: a gadget application with a rich drag-and-drop interface, a multi-search application that makes requests to many search engines, a blog editor application for managing entries across multiple blogs, a web-based instant messenger, and a database manager for a traditional web page

This practical guide to GWT introduces you to the technology; provides techniques, tips, and examples; and puts you on the road to delivering top-notch user experiences for your web applications.
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