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Star Watermark Professional 1.2.4 Portable
Star Watermark Professional 1.2.4 Portable | 6.5 Mb

Star Watermark for Windows is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to watermark your images, photos and graphics. Star Watermark is an essential tool for anyone with a digital camera, professionals and beginners or graphic artist on Windows.

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Aeon Timeline 2.3.10 MacOSX
Aeon Timeline 2.3.10 MacOSX | 54 mb

Most traditional timeline applications are designed to suit a single need: to create an attractive display of one- dimensional time. They are presentational, static, and perfectly suited to overhead slides and projectors.

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JMAG-Designer 17.1 (x64)
JMAG-Designer 17.1 (x64) | File size: 3.0 GB

The JSOL Corporation announced the immediate availability of its new JMAG-Designer version 16.0, is a simulation software for electromechanical design striving to be easy to use while providing versatility to support users from conceptual design to comprehensive analyses.

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PhotoLine 21.01 Multilingual MacOSX
PhotoLine 21.01 Multilingual MacOSX | 31.5 Mb

PhotoLine is a full featured image editor with support for text, vector and image layers. In addition to the standard editing features, it supports 16 bits per channel, CMYK and Lab as well as color management with ICC profiles. The include image browser supports IPTC and EXIF data display and editing, batch conversion, HTML gallery output, batch renaming and more.

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dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.5 Reference
Languages: English | File Size: 32.38 MB

Audio conversion perfected, effortlessly convert to mp3, FLAC, Apple lossless and more. dBpoweramp Music Converter™ has become the standard tool for audio conversions, over 30 million users world trust their converting to dBpoweramp.

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SOLIDWORKS Integrated CAM with HSMXpress

SOLIDWORKS: Integrated CAM with HSMXpress
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 2:32:46 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 548.7 MB

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JetBrains CLion 2018.2.3 (x64)
JetBrains CLion 2018.2.3 (x64) | File size: 306 MB

Trust CLion to take care of the routine while you focus on the important things. Knowing your code through and through, it can boost your productivity with smart and relevant code completion, full coding assistance including customizable coding styles, keymaps and various project views, and instant navigation to a symbol's declaration or usages.

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VariCAD 2018 v2.08 Build 20180616
VariCAD 2018 v2.08 Build 20180616 | File size: 122.6 MB

VariCAD is a powerful, professional CAD application that provides a wide range of features designed to help you create 3D or 2D drawings useful in the field of mechanical engineering. The comprehensive CAD software enables designers to quickly create, evaluate, and modify their models. The software is sold as one "fully loaded" package, with all features and functions, for one very affordable price. VariCAD delivers an excellent performance-to-price ratio, making it one of the smartest choices on the market today.

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C-MAP CM93 3.878 for MaxSea 12.6
C-MAP CM93_3.878 for MaxSea 12.6 | 3.4 Gb

Jeppesen Marine has unveiled updated (CM93/3.878) C-MAP Professional+ for MaxSea 12.6. The latest evolution in C-MAP charting technology from Jeppesen Marine is an advanced electronic charting standard designed for high performance navigation systems.

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Magnet Pro 2.3
Magnet Pro 2.3 | macOS | 6 mb

Window Magnet will change the way you work with your Mac! Easily snap windows into various sizes and positions by simply dragging them to the edges and corners of the screen.

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