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Neevia Document Converter Pro
Neevia Document Converter Pro | 27.6 Mb
Neevia Document Converter Pro is a software product that dynamically converts Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/365, WordPerfect, HTML, AutoCAD DWG/DWF, EML, MSG, PostScript and many other document types to PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, BMP. It operates in both a batch mode via directory or email scanning and in direct mode via a COM (ActiveX) component. Document Converter can be configured to recognize text - this is known as OCR - for the converting Image and PDF files and comes with support for printing the input files directly to a physical printer instead of converting them to PDF or Image.

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goPanel 2.7.0 macOS
goPanel 2.7.0 | macOS | 15 mb
goPanel is an incredibly intuitive OS X app for the management of web servers, an alternative to existing control-panel apps you install on Unix-based servers for web hosting. Easy-to-install and configure Apache or Nginx webserver, PHP, MySQL, FTP, domains, free SSL certs and emails on your server. goPanel lets you easily connect and manage unlimited Linux servers.

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SoftPerfect NetMaster 1.0.0
SoftPerfect NetMaster 1.0.0 | 9.8 Mb
NetMaster is a modern Internet connection monitoring tool. It lets you watch the apps using your Internet in real-time and control their access. Bandwidth-sensitive applications like voice calls, videos or games can be prioritised. Less important applications like software updates, file downloads or cloud backups can be restricted to make sure they don't occupy your entire connection. Finally, undesirable applications can be blocked from Internet access, giving you better privacy and security.

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Trojan Killer 2.0.101 Multilingual
File Size: 90.9 MB

Trojan Killer is the effective anti-malware tool for your memory stick.Be sure that you're safe from the internet threats wherever you go!

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ElectraSoft Multi Clipboard 19.11.01
ElectraSoft Multi Clipboard 19.11.01 | 1.5 Mb
Multi Clipboard is a reliable and comprehensive application designed to help you save to clipboard thousands of bits of information, for whenever you need to use them. The application displays thirty-three buttons per page and since a project can have any number of pages, you can save all the data you want and keep it handy, for future use.

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pdf2cad 11.2108.2.0
English | File size: 12.8 MB

pdf2cad is a simple-to-use program that facilitates the conversion of files from the PDF format to the DXF and DWG file types, supported by AutoCAD. But it also supports the HP-GL/2 format, associated with the Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language.

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DigiDNA iMazing 2.10.5 Multilingual
File Size: 103.2 MB

Get a trusted software to transfer and save your music, messages, files and data. Safely back up any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Powerful and user-friendly, iMazing is simply the best iOS device manager for Mac and PC. Go beyond iTunes. Get iMazing.

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Adobe XD CC v24.2.22 (x64) Multilanguage
x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 337 MB

XD CC Adobe - is the new creative tools from Adobe for the design of high-quality prototypes of user interfaces for mobile and Web applications. This tool is specifically designed for building rapid prototypes, as well as for high-fidelity user interface and design. With the help of Adobe XD CC anyone can create frames, high fidelity interactive prototypes and design applications and web sites. Once you will have a prototype, you can import visuals into Visual Studio or IDE of your choice to start creating the final application.

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VSO Blu ray Converter Ultimate Multilingual

VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate Multilingual | 55.4 Mb
Blu-ray Converter software can convert any Blu-ray video or AVCHD structure (from HD camcorder) to DVD video (with menu) or other video formats supported by most popular devices like PS3, XBOX360, DivX home player, iPod, iPhone, iPad...

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WSCC   Windows System Control Center Commercial
File size: 3.7 MB

WSCC allows you to install, update, execute and organize the utilities from various system utility suites. WSCC can install and update the supported utilities automatically. Alternatively, WSCC can use the http protocol to download and run the programs.

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